32 years in business!

32 years in business!

Hi there! Equinesympathycards.com is owned by Horse Hollow Press (www.horsehollowpress.com). Our cards were created because of the loss of a beloved horse, Beasley. His death blind-sided me. He was a PMU foal I adopted. I had him for 12 years. I did everything with him; trick training, trail riding, hunter pacing, ACTHA rides, Susan Harris/Centered Riding clinics … everything and then he died of colic. (He had had many episodes of colic and several hospitalizations over the years.) When Beasley died, our vet surmised that he probably had some developmental issues from being starved as a baby.

I was incredibly heart broken and at a loss. I received so many wonderful cards from family and friends and I treasure every one of them … however, as the grief subsided, I realized I could do better with the design and wording of the sympathy cards.

While I thought the cards I received were wonderful, they felt like they were not designed or written by a horse person who had experienced the death of a horse. They felt disingenuous.

I decided to try my hand at these cards, I know the pain a person suffers when you lose a beloved horse. I wanted that empathy and sympathy that a sender feels to come out in the images and words. I wanted our cards to convey that in a sophisticated and gentle way. No rainbow bridges, just honest feelings shown in an elegant manner. 

My heart goes out to you if you are on this page and web site because you have suffered a loss. We have a facebook page you can visit to talk about the loss. It is a small page of people who understand. On Facebook: Equine Sympathy Cards.com

And please visit our sister page if you need a laugh for the day. Funny bumper stickers and cards that will make you laugh. 


Thank you and please contact us anytime. 


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